Third Generation

Family of Mathias Yoakum (2) & Unknown

3. Valentine Yoakum.1 Born in Germany. Valentine died on 17 Jul 1763 in Greenbrier, WV.

Oft quoted to be son of brother Mathias.

5Valentine "Felty" Y. b. 1717, NY, m. Margaret See. Valentine died 17 Jul 1763, Greenbriar Co., VA (now WV).3 Killed in second Muddy Creek Massacre. On page 152 of Bible Records and Marriages, TN, it states that the Y.s were Welsh, lived with the Dutch first residents of Manhattan Island, that the name changed from an unpronounceable Welsh name to Iugum or Jagum, a Latin word for Yoke, then later to Y. and Y.. The names have been lost, but one son, Valentine, moved to South Potomac and Peach Creek. He was youngest of seven sons. After he married they moved to Muddy Creek, Greenbriar Co., VA and settled Yoakum.'s Station in 1771. Valentine was tomahawked by a Shawnee Indian and all the family killed, except young George who was too fast a foot and who killed three Indians with a 'frying pan handle'. George was later in the Battle of Point Pleasant. He married at age 25. (THIS STORY ABOUT GEORGE IS LATER FOUND TO BE FALSE AS HE WAS ONLY ELEVEN AT THE TIME AND WAS LISTED ON PRISONER EXCHANGE DOCUMENTS. )

Other report are that two daughters were not with the family at the time of the massacre, thus survived.

TN Hist. Quarterly says he was youngest of 7 brothers, that the family moved from NY to PA and Valentine later moved to 'the northern neck of VA', settled on Peach Creek, a tributary of South Branch of the Potomac or Wappeconnec River, across the mountains from Shenandoah. This would place him in present day WV. After marriage, he moved to Muddy Creek.

R. A. Y. of Morristown, TN in his lifetime wrote that Valentine was the youngest of 7 sons on the New York Y., moved to South Potomac on Peach Creek, then to Muddy Creek (then VA, now WV). He was there tomahawked by a Shawnee Indian, along with his family, all except George.
Gordon Patterson lists death date as 17 Jul 1763, which tends to correspond with the massacre date,

Research by several, including Earl Quintrell and myself, has revealed that Felty is a derivative of Valentine. It has not been explained why, but numerous incidents of men named Valentine, either surname or Christian name, in Colonial times have been called (and recorded as) Felty. Which brings up, was Millie Felty really Millie Valentine? Many researches have been misled into believing Felty and Valentine were two people, but close scrutiny of facts surrounding them strongly indicate that they were indeed one and the same.
Steve Smith, 213 Reagan St., Cumberland Gap, TN 37724 has done considerable research on the Felty/Valentine references and has a very compelling argument for they being one and the same.
David Moore reports date of death as 17 Jul 1763 in VA. Elizabeth: Her father was Peter Van Bebber

Valentine YOAKUM was the son of Matthias YOAKUM, Sr. This is proven by the
Last Will and Testament of Matthias in LINCOLN Co., KY.
Valentine was married to Margaret SEE, the daughter of George SEE and
Margaret TSCHUDI.

5I studied this relationship for several years to unravel the Matthias/Valentine
"Felty"/Margaret/ & George YOAKUM connections. George YOAKUM that married Martha "Patty" VAN BEBBER was a brother of Sarah YOAKUM.
Thank you
Steve Smith email 5/22/99

Matthias YOAKUM was the father of Felty. His will in LINCOLN County, Kentucky in 1783 proved this. Matthias wife is identified in this will as Eleanor. She is by tradition, supposed to have been the sister of Frederick SEA, killed in the massacre. Whether she was the mother of Valentine is not clear at this time by this researcher. Matthias'es last will and testament, written Jan 29, 1780 in BOTETOURT County, Virginia, names his son, Felty, and suggests he is deceased. In the will he states: "and to my son Felty YOAKUM's oldest son, George, his heir, I give and bequeath one dollar." Steve Smith5

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Subject: Re: New Member on the List

Dear Geoff:
Your pedigree errs in the first three generations: The first three
entries (Heinrich through Francis) did not exist. They were created by the
fertile imagination of Dr. Smith and his correspondents. Your immigrant
ancestor was Matthias Yoakum, who immigrated to Pennsylvania in the 1730s
with his first wife (name unknown) and two sons, Valentine (Felty) and Philip
Paul. His first wife died and he remarried Eleanor (her surname is unknown;
it was not Zeh or See) Your Jacob, who married Elizabeth See, was born by his
second wife.
Sincerely, Dr. Peter S. Craig, F.A.S.G.

Valentine married Margaret See, daughter of George See.

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Hi. Remember, I would like to "stress" the fact that "NO ONE" has ever
produced or
referenced a document for me that shows the wife of Matthias YOAKUM to be
Eleanor SEE. If you ever find anything to support this idea, I would
appreciate it. I do, however, have a copy of the last will and testament of
Margaret SEE, wife of George SEE, where she names Felty and Jacob YOAKUM. I
feel fairly comfortable in saying they were sons-in-law of Margaret; Felty
marrying daughter Margaret, and Jacob marrying daughter Elizabeth. Does
anyone else differ in this, or agree with this?
I just simply cannot see any evidence to support Matthias' wife being a
SEE. Comments appreciated.
Steve Smith6

They had the following children:
10 i. George (1752-1800)
ii. Elizabeth1. Elizabeth died in 1774.

On 13 Aug 1782 Elizabeth married John Shewmaker1, in Greenbrier, VA. John died in 1774.

iii. Sarah1. Sarah died in 1774.

On 22 Jul 1785 Sarah married Peter Vanbebber1, son of Isaac Michael Vanbebber Rev (1734-1774), in Greenbrier, VA. Peter died in 1774.

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