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By the funding system, wealth is collected into the hands of the few. By the land laws of the United States, those few are enabled to monopolize all the lands, and the poor must become tenants at will. Home
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Was it for such regulations and laws as these, Oh Americans! you fought and bled? Congress of the United States, learn to do justice, and we will reverence your laws. Suffer us to possess the property we have legally paid for. Permit us to hold lands in fee, without being tenants at will of domineering landlords.

Legislators of the great American republic, is it nothing to you to see our wives and children, who, by their industry, have hitherto lived in affluence on their own farms, beggared by your unconstitutional laws? We say your laws are unconstitutional because they deprive us of property for which we had a legal right before the Treaty of Holston. Do you feel no remorse at our impending ruin? Are you callous to our sufferings? Accustomed to wallow in luxury, you cannot feel for the distresses of the poor.

Legislators and ministers of the American government, if you cease not your monopolies, and other oppressive acts, a reform will take place, which, by its convolutions, may involve you in its ruins. You are making large strides to aristocracy. The name of landlord sounds harsh and grating to the ear of a republican.

When any public business is to be transacted in this country, you neglect to appoint citizens in our State. This is degrading, as if we had neither men of virtue or business among us. In this you are mistaken. We have philosophers, politicians, and soldiers.
In a matter which so dearly concerns us, as running the boundary line between us and the Indians, you ought to have appointed commissioners, on our part, out of the State of Tennessee. We cannot have confidence in foreigners, and perhaps some of

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them holding commissions in the Indian Department.

We have now, gentlemen, delineated to you the outlines of our claims. We have also stated, in miniature, the wrongs we are about to sustain from the operations of the general government. A volume would not contain the reasoning we could advance on the justice of our claims.

The earth was created for the use of man. We could plead purchase, occupancy, conquest, and relinquishment of the aborigines; but all these reasoning we suppose would be in vain. Power is in the hands of the general government, and we are disposed to obey her will for the moment.

George continues "The trouble about removal went on through John Sevier's term of office until title to the Powell Valley lands was finally settled at the treaty held with the Indians at Tellico Blockhouse in October, 1798."

"There is no doubt that present at that meeting at Fort Yoakum were men named Yoakum, Davis, VanBebber, Hunter, Ausmus, Rogers, Cawood, Thomas, Dunn, Russell, Carr, and Sharp-----all old family names in Powell Valley."

"Any one of these frontiersmen could best be described by a quotation from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar:"

His life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in him That Nature might stand up and say to all the world, "This was a man."


Article shared by George L. Yoakum, Cadiz, KY 9-27-1999

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