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Indeed, this is a gal who draws a response of affection and enthusiasm whereever she goes. She is one of those rare and talented people who has not lost the common touch,  Home
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Ruby Irene
and who generates good vibes like a powerhouse. But what else could emanate from a woman who asserts, I'm going to have all the fun I can while I'm here. Because, as nutty as I am, it's a cinch I'll never be allowed back again"'

Irene Cowan, I'll bet any one of a dozen people -would find a way back in for you if it were humanly possible. Count me among them. For, in our over-mechanized, bureaucratized, computer-mad society, it is the Irene Cowans of this world who help us all get through with still the ability to srnile.

Fellow passengers, let us all stand and pay the most appropriate tribute I can think of. On cue now, everybody: Tip your hats. And if any wise guy passes his instead, we'll confiscate the money and buy Irene Cowan just what she most needs - a gallon of purple paint!

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Irene Yoakum Cowan
Irene Cowan was Lola Montez in last year's (1970) Cloverdale Citrus Fair.

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