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Yoakum Photo AF 23a
William and Myrtle Yoakum  Norris, with children Thelma and Floyd taken in front of the Yoakum home (Ike's House). 1920's?

"In those days Grandma Nellie's family had no motor vehicles. Only the horses and the wagon. When supplies were needed from Houston it was a long dusty ride into town over the old gravel road which is today Highway 17. Sitting on the back end of the wagon was high adventure. Crossing Piney River to reach the highway, waves from the wagon wheels radiated outward from our passage. Fish raced out of our path and occasionally a water moccasin slithered close by, making us feel good to be well above the water's surface. Rich soil in that river bottom brought forth many a fine corn crop when the Shryock's lived there." - George Shryock 

Yoakum Photo MRM 08a
Parents Isaac 'Ray' Yoakum, Gertrude Gunnier Yoakum and daughter Monda Rose Mary, June 27th, 1928

Yoakum Photo AF 19a
Isaac 'Ray' Yoakum 1937, age 32,
Ruby & Twin Sister (Ruth?), that's A.F. 'Sonny' Norris poking round the stove
The AF series are from Faye Yoakum Buckner, graciously digitized by Otto Mayer and are stored in this repository for the family. The MRM photo series are from Monda Yoakum Van Dyke.
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