US Expansion
United States Expansion from 1660 to 1980
Each of us can be traced back to an immigrant - one of our forebears who came to this land from another. Many settlers came here to seek fortune and opportunity in a country with seemingly limitless natural resources. Others fled their homelands to escape religious persecution. Some immigrants arrived for the sheer adventure of exploration. 

Initially, most newcomers settling in the colonies arrived from Germany, England, and France. As our Yoakums pushed to open new land, they moved 3 and 4 times a generation, usually with other family's and often with the same family's twice and three times.  The Van Bibber, Boone and See family's migrated with the Yoakum's in the early years and the McKinney and Norris's married into the family in multiple generations later on. 

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As was true in most regions, the early settlers began the custom of intermarriage with other early settlers. As time passed this custom continued and this is the reason that so many of the people from the old American settlements are related in some way to each other. The young people of the region married the other young people that were available to them.

U.S. Expansion moved east to west from the time of the first settlements to present. The blue lines represent population density for geographic region for year shown. 
Recorded Sound: This is a fiddle and tenor banjo tune performed by Mrs. Ben Scott and Myrtle B. 
Wilkinson for the Work Projects Administration, one of the employment relief projects established under 
President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his "New Deal". 

Mrs. Scott, Ben and Wilkinson, Myrtle B. "Haste to the Wedding." October 31, 1939. 
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