Fifth Generation

Family of George Yoakum I (10) & Martha "Patty" Vanbebber

22. Isaac Yoakum.1 Born on 23 Feb 1778 in Muddy Creek, Greenbrier, VA. Isaac died in Powell Valley, Clairborne, TN on 24 Jul 1857, he was 79. Buried in Yocum chapel Cem, Church of God, Clairborne, TN.

From: 9Lea Ann Yoakum []
Sent: Sunday, September 05, 1999 12:56 PM

My father, George Yoakum, and I enjoyed the web site on the Yoakum's. We
posted a reply the the article on Peter and Felty Yoakum. Children of Issac
and Martha Davis Yoakum, Powell Valley, are confirmed by Issac Yoakum's will
dated 1853. The children he named in his will, and are different than those
indicated on your posting on the web site, are: George Washington, born
1802, Aaron, born 1803, John born 1806, Moses born 1807, Elizabeth Betty
born 1809, Thomas born 1813, Marcellus born 1815, and William Franklin born
1819. Other chidren named as children of Issac Yoakum born 1778, listed on
the web site, may be children of Jesse Yoakum, brother of George. Jesse's
children were: Issac born 1810, Alvis born 1813, Catherine 1819, William
born 1820, and Jesse James born 1821.

If you have any information on Felty Yoakum, brother of George, please
forward. Thank you. I have information you may find interesting which i
can send you by mail if you are interested.

9Lea Ann Yoakum, daugher of George Lee Yoakum (from Powell Valley)

Isaac married Mary Davis1, daughter of Aaron Davis & Rachel, in Powell Valley, TN. Born in 1779 in Powell Valley, Clariborne, TN. Mary died in Powell Valley, Clairborne, TN on 24 Jul 1857, she was 78.

They had the following children:
i. George1. Born on 18 Aug 1802. George died on 14 Dec 1882, he was 80.

George married Jane1, in Powell Valley, TN. Born abt 1808. Jane died on 18 Feb 1900, she was 92.

ii. Aaron1. Born in 1803. Aaron died in 1882, he was 79.

Aaron first married Lucinda Doak1. Lucinda died on 18 Feb 1900.

Aaron second married Sarah Elizabeth Hollingsworth1.

iii. John1. Born in 1806. John died in 1882, he was 76.

John married Rachel Grimes1, daughter of Grimes.

iv. Moses1. Born in 1808. Moses died in 1882, he was 74.

Moses married Elizabeth Grimes1, daughter of Grimes.

v. Isaac1. Born in 1810. Isaac died in 1882, he was 72.

vi. Alvin1. Born in 1812. Alvin died in 1882, he was 70.

Alvin married Elizabeth1. Born abt 1815.

vii. Marcillus1. Born in 1815. Marcillus died in 1900, he was 85.

Marcillus first married Sarah Ann Cawood1.

Marcillus second married Sarah Jane McPherson1. Born abt 1820.

Marcillus third married Eliza T Welch1. Born abt 1820.

viii. Jesse James1. Born in 1817. Jesse James died in 1854, he was 37.

Jesse James married Rebecca Branstetter1.

ix. Sarah1. Sarah died in 1854.

x. Elizabeth1. Elizabeth died in 1854.

Elizabeth married Calvin Vanbebber1.

xi. William Franklin1. Born on 27 Jan 1819 in Powell Valley, Clariborne, TN. William Franklin died on 18 Feb 1900, he was 81.

In 1847 when William Franklin was 27, he married Nancy Poff1, in Powell Valley, TN. Born in 1830 in Powell Valley, Clariborne, TN. Nancy died in TN on 20 Sep 1881, she was 51.

xii. Thomas1. Thomas died in 1765.

23. George Yoakum II.1 Born on 30 Jul 1783 in Greenbrier, VA. George died in Madisonville, Monroe, TN on 31 Mar 1841, he was 57. Buried in Madisonville, Monroe, TN, Methodist Church.

George married Mary Ann (Polly) Maddy1, daughter of William Maddy & Elizabeth MANN, in Powell Valley, TN. Born abt 1785 in Powell Valley, Clairborne, TN. Mary Ann (Polly) died in Madisonville, Monroe, TN in 1882, she was 97.

They had the following children:
i. Henderson King1. Henderson King died in 1824.

ii. Franklin L1. Franklin L died in 1824.

iii. Mary Ann (Polly)1. Born in of Madisonville, Monroe, TN.

On 12 Oct 1852 Mary Ann (Polly) married Joseph W Lemons Esq.1, in Monroe, TN. Born in of Maryville, Monroe, TN.

iv. Washington C1.

v. Madison L1.

vi. Martha A1.

On 25 May 1848 Martha A married James A Wright1, in Monroe, TN.

vii. Louisa M1. Born in 1805/1815.

Louisa M married Benjamin M Bayless1.

viii. Emily A1.

Emily A married Wesley Stephens1.

ix. Celia Ann1.

24. Valentine ("Felty") Yoakum. Born ca 1785. Valentine ("Felty") died in 1830, he was 45.

5Research on Valentine YOAKUM of Powell Valley has shown that his wife was Charlotte REYNOLDS, and not Sarah REYNOLDS as suggested by the Bible. Charlotte was in CLAIBORNE County before she married Valentine and if she was from Western Illinois, it is not known. Given the dates involved, it is not believed she was from Illinois, however it is possible they may have lived there temporarily before they moved to ROANE County, Tennessee during the 1820's, where it is documented that Valentine died before the 1830 census, leaving his widow Charlotte with a large family in the 1830 ROANE County census. She is shown to be living next door to Peter YOAKUM, a brother of Valentine, in this census. With the new information we have concerning the name Valentine, we now know that he was the Felty YOAKUM mentioned in Henderson YOAKUM's record, and not to be confused as a second person.

The fact that Felty went to live at some point in Middle Tennessee can be confirmed with the records of ROANE County in the late 1820's and the 1830 census, where both Valentine and Peter can be found. The Claiborne County Court records confirm the fact that George YOAKUM, Jr., went to Tazewell to live and we also know that he later went to MONROE County and living near by where Valentine and Peter were living in ROANE County. Descendants of Jesse YOAKUM can be found in Missouri today and anyone studying the YOAKUM's in CLAIBORNE County today will know that they do descend from Isaac YOAKUM and younger brother Robert YOAKUM.

Valentine and Charlotte had 12 children total, 6 are known.

Valentine was a son of George W. Yoakum and Martha Van Bebber of Claiborne County, Tennessee. Valentine was born in 1786 in Clairborne Co., Tenn. He married Charlotte Reynolds (b. 1788) in Clairborne Co., Tenn. sometime around 1804. They moved to Roane Co., Tennessee sometime between 1810 & 1812.

Valentine died in 1830 prior to the 1830 census. Charlotte Yoakum is listed in the 1830 Roane County, Tennessee census with 13 members in her household (Roane 24: Yoakum, Sharlotte 12121-0121201).

The suspected (not confirmed) Children of Valentine & Charlotte (Reynolds) YOAKUM:
1. Mary J. Yoakum (b. 1805 in Claiborne County, Tennessee)
Mary J. married and had at least one child - a daughter named Vica ( b. 1849). Uncertain what Mary's husband's name was. Mary and her child lived with Mary's step-father, Edward Edwards, and took care of him until he died in 1852. Edward lived on a farm in Bradley Co., Tennessee.

2. Martha (Patsy) Yoakum (b. 1807 in Claiborne County, Tenn.)
Martha (Patsy) YOAKUM & Hiram GRIMMETT were married in Roane Co., Tennessee on Sept. 19, 1831. They are listed on the Linn Co., MO 1850 census records. Hiram & Martha GRIMMETT came to Missouri sometime between 1842 and 1845 (based on the birth years and birth places of their children as listed on the 1850 Linn Co., MO census). Martha (Patsy) YOAKUM GRIMMETT most likely was thedaughter of Valentine (Felty) YOAKUM and Charlotte REYNOLDS YOAKUM of Roane County, Tennessee because she was married in the same county in Tennessee (Roane Co.) near the same time as Charlotte Yoakum (who remarried Edward Edwards) and Martha named one of her daughters Charlotte (after her mother I presume).
Martha & Hiram Grimmett's children (partial list):
- George A. (b. 1835 Tenn.)
- Samuel T. (b. 1837 Tenn.)
- Charlotte (b. 1839 Tenn.)
- William T. (b. 1842 Tenn)
- James H. (b. 1845 Mo.)
- Sarah J. (b. 1847 Mo.)
- Dosha A. (b. 1849 Mo.)

3. George Yoakum (b. Feb. 23, 1809 in Tenn., d. Feb. 18, 1883, buried in Ogle Cemetery in Benton Township, Linn Co, MO)
George married Sarah S_______ (b. Sept. 12, 1811 in Tenn., d. Sept. 18, 1881 in Linn Co., MO) in Roane County, Tennessee. They arrived in Linn Co., MO sometime between 1840 and 1850 where they lived until their deaths. In the 1850 Census, Jesse P. (George's brother) is living with George and Sarah Yoakum. In the 1860 Census, they have a Martha (age 15, birthplace Mo) and John (age 13, birthplace Mo.) Yoakum? living with them. There is no other mention of a John or Martha Yoakum in Linn Co.,MO. In the 1870 Census, George and Sarah have a Sarah Whitley (age 30 born 1840 in Virginia) living with them. I ran across another reference to a Sarah Whitley in the will records of Linn Co., MO where
she was listed as the granddaughter of John Yeakley.

3. Charlotte Yoakum (b. 1810 in Claiborne County, Tennessee)

4. Isaac Yoakum (b. 1812 in Roane County, Tennessee)
Isaac moved to Bradley Co., Tennessee after his mother, Charlotte, remarried to Edward Edwards. He worked on one of Edward's farms until Edward died in 1851 (and the children of Edward's 1st marriage received the farms). Isaac married Rachel L_____ in Roane County, Tennessee and had many children.
Isaac is listed in Bradley Co., Tenn. in the 1840 census. Isaac later moved to Missouri most likely sometime between 1849 - 1850 and settled in Texas Co, MO. Isaac & Rachel's children:
- Margarett (b. 1836 TN)
- William R. Yoakum (b. 1840 TN)
- Elizabeth Yoakum (b. 1839 TN)
- John H. Yoakum (b. 1842 TN)
- Jesse Franklin Yoakum (b. May 20, 1844 TN)
- James C. Yoakum (b. 1845 TN)
- Sarah Yoakum (b. 1848 TN)
- Simon Yoakum (b. 1850 MO)
- Nancy Yoakum (b. 1852 IL)
- Isaac Rite Yoakum (b. May 8, 1854 IL)
- Mary Ann Yoakum (b. 1859 MO).
5. Unknown Male A Yoakum (b. 1813 - 1815 in Roane County, Tennessee)
6. Unknown Female A Yoakum (b. 1813 - 1815 in Roane County, Tennessee)
7. Unknown Male B Yoakum (b. 1815-1820 in Roane County, Tennessee)
8. Unknown Female B Yoakum (b. 1815-1820 in Roane County, Tenn.)
9. Unknown Female C Yoakum (b. 1815 - 1820 in Roane County, Tenn.)

10. Unknown Male C Yoakum (b. 1820-1825 in Roane Co., Tenn.)
11. Jesse P. Yoakum (b. June 22, 1823 in Roane County, Tennessee, d. June 25, 1893 in Linn Co., MO. He is buried in the Hoover Cemetery northeast of Browning, MO (Sullivan/Linn Co. line).
Jesse P. YOAKUM came to Linn County, Missouri sometime between 1840 and 1850 with his older
brother, George YOAKUM. Jesse P. is listed as residing with George YOAKUM and wife Sarah in Linn Co. in the 1850 Census. Neither George or Jesse are listed on the Linn Co., MO 1840 Census. Around the same time Jesse & George YOAKUM show up in Linn County, MO, a Hiram GRIMMETT/GRUNNITT and his wife, Martha (Patsy) YOAKUM GRIMMETT also appear in the area. Jesse P.YOAKUM married Mary Ellen PAYNE(PAINE) on Oct. 8, 1850 in Sullivan County, Missouri. Jesse settled in northern Linn Co., in Enterprise township near the Sullivan Co. line. The book "Illustrated Historical Atlas of Linn Co., Mo for 1876" lists J. P. YOAKUM as owing land in Township 60, North Range 20 West (Enterprise Township, Linn Co, MO). Jesse P. YOAKUM and Mary E. PAINE had 13 children, of which 9 survived to adulthood:
- George William Yoakum (b. July 24, 1851, d. Feb. 19, 1937)
- Margaret E. Yoakum (b. 1853)
- Albert Yoakum (b. 1855)
- Lott B. Yoakum (b. 1857)
- Mary E. Yoakum (b. 1858)
- Columbus Yoakum (b. Dec. 1860)
- Rhoda A. Yoakum (b. 1862)
- Martha E. Yoakum (b. 1866)
- Jackson Morgan Yoakum (b. Mar. 13, 1868, d. Mar. 9, 1939)
12. Female D Yoakum (b. 1820-25)
13. William G. Yoakum (b. 1830 in Roane Co., Tenn.; d. June 27, 1854 Bradley Co., Tenn.)
William G. Yoakum married Hannah Pamelllua Potts (b. Aug. 9, 1831 Georgia; d. Oct. 27, 1907 Kansas) on Oct. 21, 1846 in Bradley Co., Tenn. They had 5 children:
- (1)Mary Yoakum (b. 1847 in Roane Co., Tenn.)
- (2)George Washington Yoakum (b. 1850 in Roane Co., Tenn.)
- (3)John D. Yoakum (b. 1851 in Bradley Co., Tenn.)
- (4)Rachel Clemitine Yoakum (b. 1854 in Bradley Co., Tenn.)
- (5) Ellen Nancy Yoakum (b. Feb. 17, 1856 in Bradley Co., Tenn.)

Source: 10Carlin Yoakum, descendant of George Washington Yoakum

Sep 4, 1828; ROANE County Deed Book B, Page 38; January 1829
Last Will and Testament of Valentine YOAKUM.
The Last Will and Testament of Valentine YOAKUM was written
and signed by Valentine in ROANE County on Sep 4, 1828. He names
his wife in the will as Charlotte YOAKUM. The Will was recorded
in ROANE County Will Book B in January 1829, which means that
Valentine died between September 1828 and January 1829. The will
was signed by Robert CANNON and William REYNOLDS. The will does
not name his many children but only his wife, Charlotte YOAKUM.
6(Steve Smith)

1830 U.S. Census; ROANE County, Tennessee
Page 24
Sharlotte YOAKUM
1 Male under 5; 2 Males 5-10; 1 Male 10-15; 2 Males 15-
20; 1 Male 20-30
1 Female 5-10; 2 Females 10-15; 1 Female 15-20; 1
Female 40-50.

In 1802 when Valentine ("Felty") was 17, he married Charlotte "Lottie" Reynolds, in Claiborne Co.

Brenda Yoakum-Kriz says:
7Fellow Yoakum researchers (Yoakum-Van Bebber line),
I saw your discussion regarding Isaac Yoakum (b. circa 1812 TN) of Texas
Co., MO on the genforum website. I had tentatively listed this Isaac Yoakum
as a son of Valentine ("Felty") Yoakum and Charlotte Reynolds. Here are my

(1) After Valentine Yoakum died in 1830, Charlotte Yoakum remarried to
Edward Edwards in Roane Co. TN on Dec. 26, 1831. Source: Marriage Records
of Roane Co., TN 1801-1855 (authors: Hutcherson, McCleren).

(2) Edward Edwards was a neighbor widower with his own children and after
he married Charlotte, the whole bunch moved to Bradley Co., TN. 10(Source:
Carlin Yokum 1710 Foxfire Rd., Fallbrook, CA 92028 (no e-mail address).
Fellow researcher, Carlin Yokum, is descended through Valentine &
Charlotte's youngest son, William G. Yoakum (b. 1829)).

The move to Bradley Co., TN is confirmed by the 1840 & 1850 Census Records
for Bradley Co., TN. The 1840 Census Index lists: Edwards, Edward BR-67
002110001 - 00012001. The 1850 Census Index lists: Edwards, Edward 74,
Mary 45, Nica 1, Va T Br-1241-454 (According to Carlin Yokum, Mary was the
daughter of Valentine & Charlotte and the step-daughter of Edward Edwards.
She took care of her step-father until he died in 1852.)

(3) 1840 Bradley Co., TN Census records list an Isaac Yoakam (Yoakam, Isaac
Brad 070 No Twp L) and a George Yookhan (Yookhan, George Brad 060 No
Twp L). I believe (but cannot prove) that the George Yookhan is Valentine's
oldest son, George Yoakum (b. 1809 TN) who moved to Linn Co., MO with his
younger brother sometime between 1840 and 1850. The 1850 Census Records for
Linn Co., MO lists:
Yoakum, George 41 M Tenn.
Sarah 36 F Tenn.
Jesse 25 M Tenn. (Jesse is my ggg-grandfather)

(4) 1850 Bradley Co., TN Census records list a William Yokeman (Yokeman,
William 20, Hanner 20, Mary 2, George W. 4/12 TT Br-966-415). Per Carlin
Yokem, this William is his ggg-grandfather who was the youngest son of
Valentine & Charlotte. William George Yoakum married Hannah Potts and they
had 5 children: Mary (b. 1847), George Washington (b. Apr. 1849), John D.
(b. 1851), Ellen Nancy (b. Feb. 1853), Rachel Clemeintine (b. 1854).
William died after being struck by lightning on June 27, 1854 while plowing
the fields in Bradley Co., TN.

(5) Carlin Yokum sent me a copy of a list his father had compiled of the
children of Valentine & Charlotte (I have no idea as to where the
information came from):

"Valentine b. 1786 Tenn. d. 1830 Tenn.
Charlotte b. 1788 Tenn. d. Bradley Co. Tenn.
married in Powell Valley
1) Mary J. b. 1805 Claiborne Co., TN
2) Pat (female) b. 1807 Claiborne Co., TN
3) George b. 1809 Claiborne Co., TN
4) Charlotte b. 1810 Claiborne Co., TN
5) Isaac b. 1812 Roane Co., TN
12) William G. b. 1829 Roane Co., TN"

(6) Carlin also sent me the following information on Charlotte's family
(again, I had no idea if Carlin is writing from a source or from his memory
or his father's notes).

"Charlotte married three times but only had children with Valentine.
1st - Valentine Yoakum m. 1802 Claiborne Co.
2nd - Edward Edwards m. Roane Co. 1831
3rd - Elijah Averitt m. Montgomery Co. March 19, 1852
After Edward Edwards died most of the older Yoakum children went to live
with an older brother in MO. The oldest daughter Mary stayed in Tenn.
George and Isaac also when to Mo. When Charlotte was married to Edwards,
George and Isaac lived in Bradley Co. TN and worked on one of Edward's
farms. He had three and good size ownes also. Edwards also had a few
slaves at that time. His first marriages children ended up with all the
farms. George, Isaac, William, and the other brothers worked on these farms
till he died. 1851- George and Isaac moved to Mo first and then some of
the younger boys moved there after their Mom, Charlotte, remarried to
Averitt. 1852 - William stayed in Bradley Co and worked on the farm there
till June 27, 1854 when he was struck by lightning and died in the field
while he was plowing the dirt. William's wife, Hannah, with five children
moved to Jasper, TN and married John McBee. Lived in Jasper a few years and
moved to Mo with the rest of Family Yokum for awhile and when on to Howard,
Kansas. 1867- my granddad (Carl Edward Yokum) went back to Mo and married
there. I think around Independence, Mo. 1897."


OK, that's all I've compiled so far. Tell me what you think. The next
avenues I'm going to look into for discovering more children of Valentine
and Charlotte are the Marriage Records for Bradley Co., TN (1830-1860) and
possibly the Marriage Records for Montgomery Co., TN (1852 - 1860).

- Brenda

They had the following children:
i. Mary J.. Born in 1805 in Claiborne CO., TN.

ii. Pat. Born in 1807 in Claiborne CO., TN.

iii. Ruth. Born on 8 Jan 1808 in Claiborne, TN. Ruth died in Cedar Mill, Washington, OR on 12 Sep 1878, she was 70.

iv. George. Born in 1809 in Claiborne CO., TN.

I'm a new subscriber to the Yocum e-mail list. I am not related to the Yocums
-- at least not that I know -- but I'm quite interested in the family due to
research I've done on legends of lost treasure and mines of the Ozark
Mountains. I now have files on more than 600 different reports of
treasure/lost mines in the region. The Lost Yocum Silver Mine is one of the
most commonly heard stories. I own one of the "Yoachum silver dollars"
reportedly found about fifteen years ago in a bluff shelter near Kimberling
City. (It is actually a clever fake, but a great conversation piece.) I
collect folklore more than hard facts, but along the way I have turned up some
information which may be useful to Yocum researchers. I am impressed by the
quality of research that has been done in recent years on this family, as
evidenced by several Yoachum websites.

Anyone who has stories about the Yocum Silver Mine, please send them to me! I
have dozens of published reports, but only a few stories from Yocum family
members themselves

Meanwhile, here's some information you might not have.

1840 Federal census of Prairie Township, Washington County, Arkansas
Solomon Yoakham, head of household: 2 males aged 5-10; 2 males aged 10-15; 1
male aged 15-20; 1 male aged 40-50; 2 females under age 5; 2 females aged
5-10; 1 female aged 10-15; 1 female aged 30-40.

Washington County, Arkansas tax records:
1838 - no Yocums/Yoachums
1840 - Soloman Yoker
1841 - Sol. Yocum, 4 horses, and 19 head of cattle
1842 - no Yocums/Yoachums listed

"An Aged Farmer Hangs Himself", Cassville Democrat (Cassville, MO), June 23,
1928, p. 1. c 3.
"G.W. Yoakum, 80 years old, a farmer living year highway 16 in Barry County,
on the county line, was found hanging in his barn at 7:30 o'clock Wednesday
morning, having committed suicide. His family cannot account for his deed
unless it was on account of his ill health."
"Mr Yoakum had been in ill health for several years. Three weeks ago he became
seriously ill and received medical attention. He was just able to be up a few
days ago."
"Early Wednesday morning, his daughters, Misses Mary and Frances Yoakum who
live at home, went out to do the milking and found their father's lifeless
body hanging from a rafter in the barn. He had evidently climbed into the hay
mow, tied the rope about his neck and jumped off. An inquest is to be held by
the Barry county coroner. A.W. Thomas."
"Mr. Yoakum was born in Stone county, March 23, 1848, being the son of Mr. and
Mrs. George Yoakum. The father died when G.W. Yoakum was seven months old."
"Mr. Yoakum moved to the farm on which he died fifty-six years ago. He was
married and was the father of five children. His wife died eight years ago.
The children surviving are Miss Mary Yoakum, Miss Frances Yoakum, Tom Yoakum,
Mrs. Susan Boyne and D.W. Yoakum, all of R.F.D. 3, Pierce City."
"Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon at Clear Creek Baptist church,
conducted by D.S. Brown. Interment was made in Clear Creek cemetery."

"Teen Yoachum Dead; Ozark Capitalist Left No Will; There are no children to
inherit the fortune; Yoachum family historic", Springfield (MO) Leader [daily]
October 6, 1904, p. 4, c. 2-3. A.T. Yoachum, president of the Christian
County, Missouri Bank. Died at age 78. ..."There was a tradition in Christian
county fifty years ago that the Yoachum family coined their fortune out of one
of the fabulous lost silver mines of the Ozark country. It was told and
believed by many that the father of the late Ozark capitalist learned the
secret of the hidden mine from the Indians and procured government stamps and
dies and made standard silver dollars at will. None of the persons who told
this story seemed to know that such a way of getting rich was prohibited by
the laws of the United States and denounced as counterfeiting. Men have
declared in Christian county within the last 35 years that the early pioneer
who profited by the Indian secret actually took his new money to the
Springfield land office and challenged the government officers to find a flaw
in the coin."

"A.T. Yoachum Dead", Christian County Republican (Ozark, MO), October 13,
1904, p. 4, c. 1-2.
.."Augustine Yoachum was born in Arkansas Territory, near the Boiling
Springs. February 7, 1827. He was married to Mary J. Glenn February 25, 1858
who is left to mourn for him on the farm on which he was buried. ... Besides a
wife he leaves a twin brother, Sol. Yoachum of this city, and four half
brothers ... [buried in Glenn cemetery] ... a beautiful spot overlooking the
Finley and selected by Mrs. Yoachum many years ago when the farm on which it
is located, now owned by Jas. A. Wasson, was the property of Mr. Yoachum." ...
"George Yoachum, father of A.T. Yoachum, came from Tennessee sometime in 1820,
came up White River in a keel boat and settled near the Boiling Springs, on
White River in the Arkansas Territory. He removed on pack horses and settled
at the mouth of Finley. There were at that few white people here, and the
Delaware Indians were their only near neighbors. Here he engaged in farming,
run a tan yard, wagon and blacksmith shop and distillery, and built the first
flouring mill at the mouth of the Finley. He was a man without education but a
shrewd businessman and was very prosperous. He died in 1848." Etc.

Robert Myers
2241 Saint Louis Ave.
Saint Louis, MO 63106
(314) 621-1454

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to contact me concerning the Yoachum
family in Missouri and the Yoachum/Yocum Dollar. Several messages have
concerned Augustine Yoachum.
For instance, "George W. YOACHUM also had a son, Augustine T. "Teen" or "A.
T." YOACHUM, from his first marriage to Alcey FRIEND." Here is my guess as to
where the name Augustine came into this Yoachum family line. George Yoachum
came to Missouri by way of the White River in Arkansas. In the 1820s and 30s,
Augustine Friend was one of the early prominent settlers of the upper White
River in Arkansas. Alcey Friend, wife of George Yoachum, could have very well
been related. By the way, Augustine Friend is written about in several
articles published in The Clipper (Melbourne, Izard County, Arkansas) in 1877.
This was in a series of recollections by Augustus Curren Jeffery about the
early years of the White River country. I am pretty sure that the Yoachum
family is also written about in here. These were later collected and published
as a small book. Very interesting reading.

Jeffery, Augustus Curren
Historical and biographical sketches of the early settlement of the valley of
White River together with a history of Izard County. Reprint of a series of
newspaper accounts of the people and the times in the Ozark Mountains of
Arkansas from 1800-1877 by A. C. Jeffery. Edited by Dale Hanks (Richmond,
Jeffery Historical Society), 1973.

Information about the Yoachums, Friends, Cokers, etc. in the early settlement
years of the White River country can be found in the Turnbo Manuscripts,
transcriptions of which are available at the Springfield, Missouri public
library, now available electronically on-line at
The entire collection can now be searched by keyword at the above internet

Good hunting!
Robert Myers

v. Charlotte. Born in 1810 in Claiborne CO., TN.

38 vi. Isaac R. (1812-1882)
vii. William G.. Born in 1829 in Roane CO., TN.

25. Robert Yoakum.1 Born in 1789 in Lee, VA. Robert died in 1824, he was 35.

Robert married Parky Berry1, daughter of Thomas Berry. Born in of Tennessee. Parky died in 1824.

They had one child:
39 i. Ewing B (1820-1765)

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