Seventh Generation

Family of Isaac R. Yoakum (38) & Rachel Sisk Clark

58. Jesse Franklin YOAKUM. Born on 20 May 1844 in Bradley Co., TN. Jesse Franklin died in Maries Co., MO on 26 Feb 1925, he was 80.

Jesse Franklin married Martha MORROW, daughter of Joseph MORROW (-1859) & Irene (1813-). Born on 7 Aug 1845 in Georgia. Martha died in Maries Co., MO on 17 Oct 1886, she was 41.

They had the following children:
80 i. Olive Deliska (1872-1961)
ii. James Decater. Born on 29 Jan 1867.

iii. Simon Theater. Born in 1868.

iv. Artimisha. Born in 1873.

v. William Timothy Isham. Born in 1877.

vi. Jessie Trenton. Born on 13 Jun 1878.

vii. Sarah S. Born in Apr 1879.

viii. Cora Clarinda. Born in Oct 1881.

ix. Mary. Born in Apr 1884.

59. Isaac Rite 'IKE' YOAKUM. Born on 8 May 1854 in AL. Isaac Rite 'IKE' died in MO on 12 Aug 1931, he was 77. Buried in Buried: Wolford Cemetary, Clara, MO.

'IKE' Built a home on what now is known as the `Old Ike Yoakum' place near Clara. Five of the children are buried in the Wolford cemetary at Clara. The community of White Rock took it's name from the massive white rock bluff on this property. Standing nearly 80 feet tall and some 1300 feet in length, visitors today can still see the ancient Indian inscriptions high on the bluff which tell of a hunting experience long ago. Shryock family members live on the property today. (Texas CO Gen Soc)

16"Ike was a blacksmith and skilled carpenter and built, or rebuilt, every structure on his farm. He also helped construct a simple log cabin for use as the first White Rock school. Ike's father, Isaac I, taught penmanship in the little White Rock School. "

Four years prior to the death of Isaac Sr., his youngest son Ike married Martha Ann McKinney on Sunday, May 12, 1878. Her parents, David and Mary J. Murray McKinney, had moved their family down into Texas County from the vicinity of Jefferson CO, Missouri. Ike and Martha Ann were married 43 years until her death in 1921 and they had 9 children. Except for the last child, Ada Pearl, who died in infancy, all the children were raised on Ike Yoakum's farm, high atop the hill above the great White Rock."

Around 1886 the Oak Hill Christian Church built a new church and Ike Yoakum is listed as head carpenter.

On 12 May 1878 when Isaac Rite 'IKE' was 24, he married Martha Ann Mckinney, daughter of David Mckinney (1832-) & Mary Jane Murray (1835-). Born on 18 Mar 1854 in Cole CO, MO. Martha Ann died on 14 Oct 1921, she was 67.

Murray, Mary Jane
Birth : 1835
Marriage: 4 May 1851 in Cole County, Missouri
McKinney, David
Birth : 1832
Father: McKinney, Caswell
Mother: Murray, Anna
McKinney, Martha A.
McKinney, Margaretha E.
Birth : 1856
McKinney, Sarah Josephine
McKinney, Thomas B.

Yoakum, Isaac Rite
Marriage: 12 May 1878
McKinney, Martha A.
Birth : 18 Mar 1854
Death : bur. Wolford Cemetery
Father: McKinney, David
Mother: Murray, Mary Jane

They had the following children:
i. Nellie Belle. Born on 21 Jan 1879.

Nellie recalled living with her parents at White Rock on the old Ike Yoakum place, then in Clara, then nearby Bucyrus (where she met and married Frank Shryock). Around 1910 they moved to Willow Springs, Howell CO. MO.
As a baby, Nellie contracted diphtheria, her mother, at wits end, took the advice of a neighbor and split a red pepper lengthwise, filled each half with vinegar and carefully bound the halves to each side of her throat. Nellie said "It sounds like a fairy tale but the Diphtheria vanished completely...(I'm) the proof standing here before you today"!

On 21 Feb 1899 when Nellie Belle was 20, she married Frank Edward Shryock. Born on 21 Feb 1899.

81 ii. James Thomas 'JT' (1880-1963)
82 iii. John Organ (1882-1966)
iv. Leona Mary. Born on 8 Jun 1884. Leona Mary died on 1 Mar 1958, she was 73.

M. Leonard L. Ross on Group Sheet

On 30 Jun 1889 when Leona Mary was 5, she married Thomas Robertson.

v. Minnie Ethel. Born on 15 Jun 1886.

Minnie m 3/17/1907 . living Bucyrus, MO to George Florida of Lundy, MO.

On 17 Mar 1907 when Minnie Ethel was 20, she married George Florida.

Minnie m 3/17/1907 . living Bucyrus, MO to George Florida of Lundy, MO.

83 vi. Charles "Charley" Shadrick (1889-)
vii. Myrtle Effie. Born on 23 Feb 1891. Myrtle Effie died in 1977, she was 85.

Effie M. b.1891-1977 m. 10/31/1909 living in Clara to Willie H. Norris

On 31 Oct 1909 when Myrtle Effie was 18, she married Willie H. Norris.

viii. Bessie Cora. Born on 16 Feb 1894.

Bessie Cora married Arthur F. "Field" Norris.

ix. Ada Pearl. Born on 23 Feb 1896. Ada Pearl died on 13 Mar 1896.

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